Jennie N.
They have a pop up in a winery so can't really comment on the ambiance since there were wine bottles and didn't really match the Matcha Gotcha brand. But the service was great! They did forget one of our drinks but made up for it by giving us a larger size! I got the Pandan Caramel Macchiato which is one of their best sellers. It wasn't super sweet even though it was covered in caramel so I liked it a lot! I did wish that the Pandan flavor was a bit stronger couldn't really taste much of it so it tasted like a normal caramel macchiato. The price was a bit expensive though. For a regular size it was over $7 for one drink. If I could afford it I would definitely come here more often though. The pastries looked delicious! They had an ube cinnamon roll but I couldn't try it cause I was super full!
Krissy Goins
Love the team as soon as I walked in! Great atmosphere, Great location, Great food, Great matcha!!! I had the Ube cinnamon roll with the Pandan Icing. 10/10. Literally falls apart and soft all around like a pillow! Absolutely in loveee. Also had the Lav, 10/10. Mellow, flavorful and the lavender hits just right. A fav so far.
Brittany Diane
Loved meeting these folks and they encouraged me to try the oat milk (as a non-oat drinker… regular milk only) and said they wouldn’t charge me if I hated it. I trusted the process and the drink was delicious. Give them a try!!
Kimberly Glover
Loved the owners! The pandan cinnamon roll and and Panda matcha were delicious! I hope they stick around
Julie C.
LOVELY LOVELY BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND PEOPLE! Staff is so polite and so nice to talk to. Matcha was SO GOOD. I love the fact that oat milk is the base. I always get oat milk with my matcha wherever I go so it was perfect. Matcha was light and perfectly sweetened. I got the Panda (pandan + matcha) and it was so good, pandan flavor was light but perfect. My bf got the one with ube, he doesn't even like ube but he drank half of his drink as soon as we stepped out! They're only here as a pop up for the next 90 days but they'll be seeing me at least once a week. I hope they stay in CLT. I NEED to go back and try the coffee. I recommend this place highly. It was wonderful. 5/5 @saemiizeatz
Abby Berberich
Absolutely amazing service with even better matcha!! I got the Pandan (iced) and it was so good my tongue did a little dance. My only complaint is that this pop up is only for 90 days. I can’t wait to come back and get myself a little tote bag!!
Kirsten L.
As a customer, the drinks are phenomenal! The decor is also really neat. This is the only place in Charlotte that I know of that serves "Pandan" lattes. As a Filipino, Ube and Pandan are two popular flavors of our culture and you can really taste the Pandan in the latte! Same goes for the Ube as well. They also serve Ube and Pandan Cinnamon rolls! Another item you can't find anywhere else in Charlotte. I will definitely be back!